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Davidson L. Haworth
The Icarus Project (2016)
Davidson L. Haworth

The Icarus Project is a collection of short stories that have been read throughout the world and has moved readers into realms of Fantasy, interstellar worlds of Science Fiction, Westerns, Thrillers, and many other stories that will entertain and enthrall the reader. Historical Fiction is prevalent with several stories of war, heroism, and disaster. Introduced is the Andromeda Galaxy which faces an evil from another galaxy and the Empyrean people who must combat it in the stories of "Andromeda Justice, The History of Empyrean, and The End Return." Every story is unique and original with the same zeal as "The Defenders of Prali Trilogy." When one girl has to stand up against the hordes of evil to save her family and her own country she finds courage in an unexpected object in "The Girl and The Golden Orb." Also included are the classic short stories "The Last Grizzly, The Mighty Babushka, The Eye of Devastation, Time Will Come, The Devil's Trash, The Sumo Geisha, The Dream Tripper, Stream Scream, Battle of Thebes, The Amazing Discovery, The Five Joaquin's, and Quick Save." "The governments of the world have always tinkered with outer space, but none with as such fervor as the self-made British billionaire Donovan Taurus who built a private space program for commercial use after he established himself as a well-known entrepreneur. The United States government eventually approached Donovan before the Russians decided to do the same. Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome is ancient history and a new age in space travel has been made possible with U.S. government funding, and a billionaire with the foresight to make dreams come true."  
The Defenders of Prali (2014)
Davidson L. Haworth

Life in Prali, a small village nestled in a picturesque valley in the Italian Alps, is quiet and safe—until the gates to the underworld open nearby, unleashing the fury of the last of the dragons. Generations earlier, the dragons were driven from Prali and slaughtered. Now they have returned with only one goal: revenge against humanity.

A young Franciscan monk named Bernard, an English girl named Mary, and a knight named Leonardo are all that stand in the way of fiery oblivion unleashed by the invading dragon army. The underworld is a place of dark and mysterious magic, where threats far more diabolical than dragons lurk in the shadows.

A powerful wizard, Simon Magnus, sees the plight of the overwhelmed heroes and offers his assistance. But his intentions are far from altruistic; after the dragons destroy the villages, Magnus plans to step in to enslave the villagers and enlists the help of winged furia, demons from the underworld, to finish off the dragons. Desperate, Bernard seeks the assistance of the French leader, Clement Laurent. Infuriated, Magnus brings in Persian mercenaries to crush the resistance. Meanwhile, news that fighters from the Vampire Empire are on the march toward Prali pushes the heroes to the breaking point.

The fate of Prali rests in the outcome of an epic battle between the combined forces of good and evil. Can Bernard and his allies hope to save their village and their way of life?  
The Vampires of Prali (2013)
Davidson L. Haworth

The sun beamed down upon the Turin Basilica presenting another spring day to the people of the region. Roses in the church courtyard slowly opening, expanding their petals towards the beams of light, a morning yawn to a new day of promise and jubilation of peace, but inside the church the talk will not be of peace, but of war. The double doors of the courtyard opens up with two monks pulling the large doors inward, the other side of the entrance gives way to holy crusaders who wear the red cross upon their chests and shields. The hooves of the steeds making a clanking sound against the courtyard cobblestones announcing their arrival. Standing upon the sun dried cobblestones that were covered with morning dew just moments before, the bishop appears. "Greetings General Gelson" Bishop Bernard extending his hand upward towards the general of Britannia. A short laugh escapes the general's mouth with a smiling grin towards the bishop. "Nonsense my Lord, allow me to remove myself from my steed so I may come to you on bended knee and kiss your ring of holiness" General Crispin Gelson jumping from his horse to greet the bishop and meeting his eyes face to face, "My good general Gelson, no reason to do such formal theatrics, I am just a man who serves the church. How was your journey from Britannia? General Clement Laurent of France has already arrived and is waiting for us in the meeting hall. You may inform your men that they can rest their horses and seek rest in Turin until we have formulated a joint plan of attack against the enemy" The muscular general turned towards his men and spoke through his thick beard. "Boys, take your steeds to the church stables and enjoy the city until I call for you" The men under the general's command cheered with pleasure with the new order from their leader. The tall general once again faced his priestly friend and said. "I am all yours my Lord, may we come to a conclusion for victory" 
The Wizard of Prali (2011)
Davidson L. Haworth

Across from the dragon's remains on the other side of the church behind the altar, the ice encasing of the wizard begins to crack. The lava melting the tomb of the last known wizard, the dragon remains giving way to a new era in evil, the wizard's prison melts. Suddenly the rumbling ceases, the lava loses its firm control over the damaged church. Slowly the lava seeps back to its origins. The church remains silent and still, the ground damaged, the golden walls cracked, the bones of the dragon incinerated. The encased wizard still imprisoned by the ice, cracks in the ice allowing warm air to enter the casing. The wizard's mouth moves slightly, his mind returning to conscience thought. Mumbling of words escape his cracked elderly lips. "Oh mighty Lord Satan, god of this world, god of my flesh, god of my mind, god of my inner most will. Every part of this world is within your power. You are within every part of this world. Every part of me is within your power. You are within every part of me. I am yours, whether I serve you willingly or not, for I am myself, whether I am true to myself or not. Of my own free will, I now acknowledge your abundant power of my own free will, I now present myself to You, in your service" The wizard speaking the words, the words to his master. The enemy of the world free to wreak havoc among God's people, Satan's wizard returns once more. The ice cracking, crashing to the ground, blocks of ice sliding down the church altar steps, slowly melting away into the dark cracks and crevices.
The Dragon of Prali (2010)
Davidson L. Haworth

For years, the inhabitants of Prali, a small Italian mountain town near the French border, lived in peace. They believed that danger would never come to them. However, deep within a mountain cave, a one-of-a-kind dragon feasts on rats and mice living within the cave. While he grows, he discovers this is not enough. He craves the taste of cow, oxen, and humans.
The last of his kind, the dragon launches a brutal attack on the people of Prali. After the terrorizing havoc of the dragon. Bernard, a young Franciscan monk; Mary, a misplaced English girl; and the arrogant knight Leonardo. Join forces to eliminate the dragon and bring peace to the people of Prali.